than hire someone directly myself?" />

Why should I hire Trustiva Health rather than hire someone directly myself?

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There are several significant drawbacks in hiring independent contractors:

  • How will you properly screen and train this person? This is an unnecessary risk to you.
  • You are responsible for withholding taxes and social security, filing the appropriate reports with state and federal governments. This includes state and federal unemployment compensation. Penalties are severe and could result in large fines if not handled properly. This is an unnecessary risk.
  • If a person you hire becomes injured while working for you, you will become personally responsible for all of their medical bills or potential litigation. The potential to lose assets is an unnecessary risk.
  • You are responsible if your employee does something wrong and injures the person receiving services. Our caregivers are fully bonded and insured at Trustiva Health's expense.
  • How will you handle scheduling? What if the caregiver is a no show, sick, or needs to take time off?


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